03 April 2007

Pessah - pesach - pessa'h - passover - a year later - un an après

It is Passover period again. Amazing how time flies. A year ago, Passover started on our wedding anniversary so we were unable to go to the restaurant we wanted to eat at to celebrate it. This year Passover started last night ( the Jewish calendar is similar to the Bahá’í calendar in that the days begin at sunset on the previous day) and this year's wedding anniversary we will be able to use public transportation (Passover finishes on Monday 9 April after sunset).

A few days ago, we noticed new items on the letterboxes at the entrance of our building. We presume it was in celebration of Passover. Note that our letterbox doesn't have one, which is fair enough because our neighbours know that we are Bahá’ís and that we don't celebrate Passover. Note also - although you might never have known this because we never mentioned it but - it was decided (by the committee that takes care of the building, or our neighbours?) that is was time to have our names on the letterboxes! So they decided to write ours: PILGR [new line] IMS. Which is totally cute.We remain nevertheless the ones who are living in the Deamers’ flat (they are the couple who used to live in our flat a very, very long time ago).